P330,Hydraulic gear pump.Parker Commercial PGP330,Permco P197,Metaris,Loader gear pump,agriculture machine pump,casting iron gear pump
􀂉 Heavy duty sleeve bushing design in a medium/small frame size
􀂉 Cubic inch displacements from .99 through 3.94
􀂉 Working pressure up to 4000 PSI
􀂉 Speeds up to 2400 RPM
􀂉 Flows up to 40 GPM
􀂉 Doweled and high strength cast iron construction
􀂉 100% factory tested
􀂉 High strength alloy steel gear and shaft sets
􀂉 A wide range of porting, mounting, and shaft options available
􀂉 Pressure balanced wear plates maintain high pump efficiency
throughout all operating ranges
􀂉 Both single inlet/single outlet and single inlet/dual outlet bearing carriers available
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